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X-Bionic SALE! Effektor Running Power Long Sleeve Shirt For Women Medium Size

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X-BIONIC Women’s Long Sleeve Effektor Running Power Shirt - Support, stability and power – thanks to Effektor!

The X-Bionic Effektor Power Shirt unleashes the potential that until now seemed to be unrealistic – limits of muscle coordination, of body temperature regulation, heart rate, endurance, recovery time, lactate build-up and transmission of stimuli along nerve pathways.  The key – Partial Kompression, which reduces muscle oscillations, and improves the supply not only of oxygen but also of nutrients to your muscles, enabling quicker recovery. 

During sport activities body warmth is created: in extreme situations, up to 1,200 watts worth.  Up to 90 % of this is released by the athlete from the skin to maintain a body temperate of 37°C.  X-Bionic Partial Compression applies targeted pressure on 1mm wide ridges. Left and right of the ridge is a compression-free area where compression could have a negative effect on blood circulation to the skin. In this way the blood flow through veins and capillaries remain unimpeded. Partial Kompression uses the skin as a surface for cooling and, thus, can take advantage of the body’s personal microclimate for optimising performance.

  • 50% less build up of heat
  • Up to 10% greater endurance
  • Lower heart rate by 2.4 beats per minute
  • 7% less lactate build up
  • 20% faster recovery

The X-Bionic Ladies Effektor Running Power Shirt also incorporates other new technologies specific to women, such as additional support and isolating zones Cohesion Wrap Technology.

Wearing the X-Bionic Effektor Running Power Shirt has been described as like wearing a second skin.  It is packed with X-BIONIC’s award-winning and patented technologies, such as the 3D-BionicSphere-System, which keeps you warm when you are cold, and cool when you are warm.  But that is not all.  For the Power Shirt heralds the dawn of a new era in compression clothing, with the launch of Effektor Technologie.

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