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SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Sachet Chocolate

Weighs 50g
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The stress of hard repetitive training can lead to depletion of carbohydrate energy stores and dehydration. If recovery of muscle glycogen stores and rehydration is not commenced immediately after exercise, the recovery process is delayed and performance during your next training session can be significantly reduced. In addition to recovery of performance, the initial hours after completion of exercise should also be utilized to promote training adaptation. The process of training adaptation is facilitated by increased muscle protein synthesis whereby new proteins (such as enzymes involved in energy production and proteins which give muscle structure) are made in our muscles during the hours and days after each training session. As such, the muscle becomes reconditioned so that it can better withstand the physical demands that are placed upon it during the next training session. For optimal protein synthesis to occur, it is crucial that we consume high quality protein given that protein contains the building blocks (known as amino acids) to make new proteins. For this reason, SiS Rego Rapid Recovery also contains high quality protein in the form of soy protein thus making this product highly suitable for those individuals with lactose intolerances.


SIS REGO Rapid Recovery features:

  • Contains a blend of easily digestible carbohydrates, protein, electrolytes and vitamins and minerals
  • Provides a complete recovery product to be consumed immediately after exercise
  • Recovery is often one of the most overlooked aspects and SIS Rego Rapid Recovery ensures your recovery is not compromised
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Rego Rapid Recovery Recommended Usage

Consume 1-2 servings of SIS Rego Rapid Recovery immediately after each training session.

SIS Rego is perfect straight after each stage of MdS, any training session or race to fuel your recovery and give you time to prepare a nutritious post work out meal.

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