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myRaceKit Anti-Chafing & Foot Care Kit Essential

Weighs 46g
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The Anti-Chafing & Foot Care Kit Essential is small, light and easy to fit into a pocket or a pack to have at hand for a long run or race as an emergency solution. This is also a great kit for multi-stage events where you can have additional supplies in a drop bag or where medical support is good and you just want something for "field treatment" until you reach base camp.If you need a more comprehensive kit check out our Deluxe version.


  • Skin disinfection:Alcohol Wipes x 2 (to clean skin and improve tape adhesion)
  • Tapes: 2.5cm x 1m Hypafix & 5cm x 1m Hypafix (both good for preventative taping or treatment of blisters on toes)
  • Tools: Foldable scissors (to cut tape), 1x Hypodermic needle (to lance small blisters)
  • Anti Chafing: 1x 2Toms BlisterShield Single Use Powder sachet (use in socks either for preventative treatment or following taping to reduce friction),1 x 2Toms SportShield Single Use Towelette (use anywhere on the body to prevent chafing & blisters)
  • Other: 1x Blister cushion (quick fix for blisters, ideally secure with tape for lasting adhesion whilst running) &heavy duty zip lock bag
  • If you plan to fly with this pack as carry on luggage then first remove any items that may be prohibited to bring onboard.

Bag Dimensions: 9cm x 13.5cm. Weight: 39 grams 

Contents may differ slightly from product image as from time to time we may update the content of the kit. The list above reflects the true content of the pack.

A myRaceKit recommendation to keep your feet in good shape on your adventures!

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