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Maurten Hydrogel Sports Fuel Gel 100 Caf 100

Weighs 40g
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Why is GEL 100 CAF 100 SPECIAL… 

The Gel 100 CAF 100 is the world's first sports fuel gel that combines our patented innovative Hydrogel technology and the power of caffeine. 

Caffeine tastes bitter but it is proven to enhance sports performance. 

The sports nutrition industry has historically tried to hide the bitterness by adding flavors and acid. But added artificial flavors won’t help you go faster. So we decided to simply circumvent the problem. 

By harnessing Hydrogel Technology we’ve built a biopolymer matrix that is dense enough to encapsulate both the caffeine and the carbohydrate mixture. The result: low bitterness, low sweetness and a lot of energy. 

  • Energy capsulated in a natural hydrogel
  • no added colorants or preservatives.
  • 25g of carbohydrates per serving.
  • Can be used before, during and/or after activity.
  • Energy Gel
  • 100 Kcals per serving

Calcium Carbonate


Gluconic acid

Sodium Alginate 

Nutrition Facts per 40g serving: 



1063 kJ, 250 kcal / 425 kJ, 100 kcal

– of which saturates

0 g / 0 g
0 g / 0 g

– of which sugar

62.5 g / 25 g
62.5 g / 25 g


0 g / 0 g


137.5 mg / 55 mg





A superb energy gel used by the finest athletes in the world!

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