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Frequently Asked Questions

In November 2018 we switched to a new eCommerce platform. If you were a previous customer, how does this affect you?

What has happened to my customer account?

Your customer account has not been automatically transferred due to differences in how login is managed. We ask that you register a new account with us here. Once you have done this, you can contact us in order to get any outstanding loyalty points transferred to your new account.

How can I access my order history?

Your order history from before 15th November 2018 is not available in your account on our new website. However, if you wish to access to your order history and no longer have the order confirmation e-mails, contact us via and we will be happy to assist you.

What has happened to my loyalty points?

We have not automatically transferred loyalty points due to technical limitations. However, if you have outstanding loyalty points, then please create a new customer account. Then contact us to check your loyalty points balance and get it transferred to your new account. If your last purchase with us was made before 15th May 2018 your loyalty points will be expired.

 Will I still earn loyalty points?

Yes, we continue to reward our customers with loyalty points like before. Please see this information page for further details about “Kit Points”.