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Sziols X-Kross BIKE Lens

Perfect for MTB, road cycling and inlines
Weighs 10g
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Sziols X-Kross BIKE Lens is compatible with all Sziols X-Kross Frames and interchangeable with a quick turn. Manufactured from a durable polycarbonate to the highest standards, with 100% UVA and UVB protection and superb ventilation they are perfect for your biking needs or any other sports where you move fast.

Note that the bike lens is slightly more curved than the run lens and as such it makes an excellent alternative to the run lens for desert running when you may want slightly more protection around the eyes.

Pick your style and match to your frame of choice!

UV 400 Filter filters harmful blue light and protects against UVA and UVB radiations.

Comfort Tints - The gradient lens shading guarantees a good glare protection against light falling from above whilst offering great visibility towards the ground.

Prismatic Compensation offers razor sharp visibility even in the outer areas of the curved lens.

X-Kross Key System - Instantaneous change of lenses without annoying fingerprints through the key patent.

Light Stabiliser - balanced tones supports transition between dark and light areas and aids continuous movement without restriction.

Impact Protection -  strong polycarbonate lenses protect the eyes.

Heat and Cold Proof - Specific compositions of the lens material makes it resistant against thermal influences.

Photochromic Lenses change shade in 27 seconds to adapt to the prevailing light conditions.


Made of extremely durable polycarbonate and offering 100% UVA and UVB protection.

(Size guide shows a RUN lens)

"I have used Sziols sunglasses since 2011 when I won a pair in my first ultra marathon. I love the light weight, the outstanding quality, the details in the design and the superb fit. I use the clear lens for when it's windy, dark or when there are flies or mosquitos around but I don't need sun protection. The orange lens is a firm trail favourite for cloudy weather to light sunshine as it enhances contrast in an amazing way. The red lens also enhances contrast and offers a bit more sun protection, This I find great in the mountains. Finally in really bright sunlight the brown lenses very well whether it be in the desert or the mountains. I have used Sziols for my 4 editions of the Marathon des Sables. The BIKE lens is actually great for desert running as it offers slightly more protection than the run lens, being more curved" /Elisabet Barnes, 2 x Marathon des Sables winner 

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