Sleeping Bags


Understanding Sleeping Bags for Multi-Stage Racing and Trekking

Introduction Choosing a sleeping bag can be confusing and the prices vary greatly. How do you know what is right for you with so much to choose from? In this article we will try to help you iron out the creases and pick a bag that is right for you.  We will discuss the technical properties you should be aware of and what bags might be suitable if you are planning an upcoming multi-stage race or a trek in the mountains.  Down Fill Power Explained You may have heard of... Read More


Choosing a Sleeping Bag for an Adventure

This article was originally published on iancorless.org, it is reposted here with permission. If you are going on an adventure, taking part in a multi-day race or basically going on a one night jolly in the wilds somewhere, a sleeping bag is going to be an essential item. Choosing a sleeping bag one would think is easy… Go to a shop, find one that fits into your budget, purchase and use. The reality is, the above is far from the truth.   ASK INITIAL QUESTIONS A good sleeping bag is not... Read More


Desert Kit List: Sleeping Kit

** Join our myDesert Running Forum on Facebook to chat with new and experienced desert runners about kit, training and more ** Sleeping Bag The sleeping bag is possibly the single most expensive piece of equipment you will need for your race. It is good to spend some time choosing this wisely as a lot of weight and volume savings can be gained whilst it is important to consider your warmth and comfort at night. A silk mummy liner can add up to 5.3 degrees to your sleeping bag and is... Read More