How To Pack Light For MDS

When you embark on a race like Marathon Des Sables, keeping your pack weight down and minimising unnecessary items is very important in order to have a good race experience. Here are Elisabet’s three “rules” for how to assess every item that goes into your pack in order to minimise waste. 1. CAN YOU EAT IT? Food is your fuel and what is going to get you around the race and keeping your spirit high. There is a minimum calorie requirement which may be sufficient for some people but not... Read More


How To Repack Your Food For MDS To Reduce Weight

Last week we spoke about how to fuel for a multi-stage race such as Marathon Des Sables, and with only 35 days until MDS we thought we would start share some top tips about how to reduce your pack weight starting with your food as repackaging your food can save you a lot of excess weight and volume. For instance; freeze dried meals are packed protectively but some brands have quite heavy pouches. Normally you would eat the meal directly from the pouch the food comes in. However, in MDS... Read More


Get Your Shoes & Feet Ready For MDS 2019!

With only a few weeks to go to Marathon des Sables, it’s time to get your shoes and feet ready for the task ahead. The risk of blisters, infection and other complications are particularly higher than usual due to the extreme environment you’ll be running in. By now, hopefully you will have chosen your shoes. If you haven’t, then check out our previous blog post that offers some tips for shoe types, sizing, and fit. You can run in MDS in road or trail shoes, but there are a few considerations... Read More


Desert Kit List: Overview

** Join our myDesert Running Forum on Facebook to chat with new and experienced desert runners about kit, training and more **   What do we know about multi-stage desert racing? We have completed the Marathon des Sables in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Elisabet won the race in 2015 and 2017. She is also the Oman Desert Marathon Ladies’ champion and has raced in deserts in South Africa, Namibia and Australia (she won the Big Red Run in the Simpson desert outright in 2016), having completed 13 multi-stages. We have the most current... Read More


Desert Kit List: Cooking

** Join our myDesert Running Forum on Facebook to chat with new and experienced desert runners about kit, training and more **   Cooking Equipment for races such as the Marathon des Sables It is not compulsory to take a stove in MDS and some people opt to eat their food cold. If you are fast enough you can use the afternoon sun to warm your water and/or your food. A hot meal or cup of hot tea or coffee can be a great morale booster so don’t underestimate the value of... Read More