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GUCR Race Review Ultra Marathon 05/12/2017

Grand Union Canal Race – A Crew Perspective

Written by: Peter Karaiskos. Crewing for Elisabet & Colin together with Stephanie Simpson and helped by Mark Kleanthous during the night hours. Having chatted to Colin & Elisabet about the race I volunteered to crew! After a few dropouts and illnesses, I was going to be one of three including Steph Simpson & Mark Kleanthous who would be buddying from Milton Keynes We put a race plan together, loaded up the van and were off up the M1 to Birmingham. On the way up, Colin informed me he was struggling to... Read More


Happy Feet Happy Running!

Mark Kleanthous has been running for more than 30 years. He ran in the first London marathon in 1981, has crossed the finish line in more than 1,050 races including 75 marathons, and has covered more than 52,500 miles. Not bad considering his first experience of competition was finishing last in a schoolboy cross country race! He has learnt the hard way and has written this information to help you look after your feet when preparing for races like the Marathon Des Sables. Your feet need to be in tip-top... Read More