OMM Ultrafire 5L Vest Review

The OMM Ultrafire vest is part of the new Fire Series running vests from OMM. It is a typical OMM product. Brightly coloured, hardwearing and built for purpose. This vest has plenty of storage and extra features that makes it very appealing. 

Having a slight addiction to running vests, I have worn and tested quite a few. I was interested to see how this vest compared to my favourite Salomon Adv Skin 5. I took this vest out for a test run in the Peak District in the winter so needed space for the essentials as well as all the layers I was removing along the way. I have to say this small pack lived up to my expectations and more.

This is a fixed capacity vest of 5L and is available in different sizes. I was comfortable in the medium and was able to use the adjustable elasticated sternum strap to pull the vest tight. The diaphragm clip can be pulled tighter too and gave a snug fit. I found both clips easy to adjust and unclip even with cold hands. They are not tricky and very secure once fastened. The pack has 7 pockets all together so plenty of storage space. I especially liked the two zipped compartments on the front for keys (dedicated clip inside to attach these to) mobile and some spare cash. We sell this pack without bottles however we do sell the bottles separately. I had my Salomon 500ml bottles with me and put them in the top pockets. They slid in nicely and didn’t bounce. The bite valve is still accessible and they don’t fall down in the pocket like a lot of packs. Depending on where you like to carry your bottles, there are options to wear them lower. The pockets are lightly stretchy mesh fabric and were perfect for storing my gloves when I got too hot. 

Onto the back of the pack where there is a roll top closure with an adjustable compression. The big draw card to this pack is that it is a water resistant compartment. I wish I had this pack when the rain was coming in sideways in my last race. (Thank goodness I used a drybag) This pack can compress down nice and small with the compression strap and I was able to make the back secure. This feature is great to reduce the capacity of the vest when not needed. Even without anything in the back you won’t feel any bounce. It will take up to a 2L bladder in a separate compartment that has a Velcro strap to hold it in place and there are two reflective straps to feed the tube down. The breathable mesh on the inside of the pack did not make me hot and I didn’t feel like a pack horse running through the hills! You can actually forget you’re wearing this one. 

My overall verdict is that this is a great vest. Perfect for longer distance runs where you need a bit more kit. To be honest it’s still a great pack for carrying water for marathon training as you can reduce the pack at the back if you don’t want to carry anything. It does not move and you can choose to use all the compartments or none at all. There is plenty of space for mandatory kit and you will easily fit a waterproof jacket/pants, spare socks, base layer and first aid in this pack. It is like a little tardis! At £74.95 it really is a great choice.

Enjoy your adventure


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OMM Ultrafire 5L Vest
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