OMM Pace Womens Short

OMM Womens Twin Layer Running Short

When looking for running kit we are all aware of comfort and support. A lot of twin shorts move and don’t do the job. Several shorts I have tried ride up or chafe and it is hard to find running kit that stays put. I took the OMM Pace shorts out to Lanzarote for a running training camp. The idea was to spend time running up mountains and long distances to give a non bias review of these shorts. I have got to say they were AMAZING! It became evident talking to the women on this camp that we all have the same problem. Lots of shorts or skorts claim not to move and then you spend forever pulling the inner short down. The idea of a twin layer is to have a tighter inner short that does not move and an outer layer that looks like a normal short. The inner liner really reduces the risk of chafing. These shorts did not budge!

The shorts are really soft and they have mesh pockets at the back to hold gels. They are not big enough for my phone but I did take some caffeine bullets, tissues and my asthma pump for context :)You could probably stuff a windproof in there if necessary. I really liked the draw string waist as well and the wide band adding to the comfort. These shorts are lightweight and breathable. and I would highly recommend.

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