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Socks and Calf Compression

All socks are suitable for both men and women and in addition, we carry a few women’s specific socks. Note that the sizing is different for these. Looking after your feet is extremely important and choosing quality socks is a well worth investment. Everyone’s feet are different so you might need to try a few different socks or combinations of socks before you find what works for you. We strongly recommend you use an anti-chafing product such as Gurney Goo or Blistershield every day in the desert to prevent blisters. Consider whether you prefer a thin liner with a second sock on top (which can be removed if your feet swell) or a single layer. Marathon des Sables MDS at myRacekit

One of our favourite combinations is Injinji crew liner with a second sock and this has proven a good combination for many. The benefit of Injinji is that the toes are separated and the sock helps keep the toes from blistering. Elisabet now runs in the Marathon socks from X-socks in all her races. This just shows that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for everyone. Marathon des Sables MDS at myRacekit

The table below is not an exhaustive list of options. Check our full sock range for other alternatives.

Model Comments
X-Socks Speed Metal With the heat reflective Xitanit fibre, this sock is a favourite amongst desert runners. Whilst stock lasts!
X-socks Speed Metal Energizer With the heat reflective Xitanit fibre, this sock is a favourite amongst desert runners.
X-Socks Sky Run A sock with good cushioning and ventilating capabilities. The  Silver NODOR® in the footbed actively reduces the spread of bacteria, germs and odour build-up.
X-Socks Run Speed Two With cushioning zones, ventilation channels and Skin NODOR® this is a technical sock suitable for middle to long distance. Also available in women’s version.
X-Socks Marathon The marathon sock has a “Supination Bandage” that aims to stabilise the foot. It also has several features for improved ventilation. This sock “hugs” the midfoot nicely. Elisabet’s curremnt favourite. Also available in women’s version.
Injinji Liner Crew A very thin and soft liner toe sock and a favourite. Works well underneath a second layer. Height is above the ankle and works well under a calf guard.
Injinji Run Light Weight Mini-Crew A thin low sock that can be used either as a liner or on its own. Good elasticity.
Injinji Run Mid Weight Mini-Crew A little bit thicker which makes it very versatile. It works well both on its own and as a liner. If you have not tried Injinji before this is the perfect sock to start with.
Injinji Run Trail Mid-Weight This is a thicker toe sock for those who prefer a toe sock as a single layer but want that extra bit of cushioning.
Injinji Ultra Compression For those who prefer compression socks instead of calf guards but still want toe socks, this is the perfect choice! Also available in women’s version.
X-Bionic Spyker Calf Guard A soft, elastic calf guard with X-Bionic’s partial compression technology which also promotes efficient cooling. Skin NODOR®keeps them fresh for longer.
Compressport R2v2 Race & Recovery Calf Guard A classic! The R2v2 Calf Guard is no fuss and does a great job. Pour some water over them at the end of the run for a nice, cooling recovery effect. It now has patella support built in for the knee as well.


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