Desert Kit List: Personal Care Kit

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In this section of our kit list, we have grouped together with the small but really important things that can make or break your race. This includes items for personal care, blister prevention, anti-chafe, sun protection and compulsory equipment for the Marathon Des Sables.


Personal Care & Sun Protection

Looking after yourself can be the differentiator between failure and success in multi-stage racing so don’t neglect good hygiene. Other than that it is personal preference to what extent you focus on your personal care. We have put together a personal care kit that we feel is a good “minimum” level. You can complement this with extra items.

In addition, quality sun cream is essential. We have found that Tingerlaat is an excellent choice. It is a single application cream that is non-greasy, doesn’t smell and has protective capabilities against wind and sand. It allows your skin to breathe and is suitable for sensitive skin. Developed for active outdoor use, the packaging is a perfect size too which means you don’t need to decant it. Marathon des Sables MDS at myRacekit


Item Weight Race Mid Pack Cross the Line Comments
myRaceKit Personal Care Travel Kit 136g A small hand sanitiser, 8 Wemmi wipes (dry coin-sized wipes that expand with water and transform into a wet wipe!), a travel toothbrush with 2 x 5ml toothpaste, 6 x Hand sanitising wipes and corded earplugs). All packed in a sand proof LOKSAK bag.
Small travel towel various Lighter than wet wipes, quick drying and reusable towel.
Wemmi Wipes 28g / tube These are a must! Expandable wet wipes. Pack tiny and expand with water. Great for use with Pits & Bits below.
Pits and Bits Body Wash An antibacterial body wash that does not require water. Perfect for use with Wemmi Wipes.
Nalgene Travel Kit Varies Sturdy, small travel kit containers. Useful for anything you need to decant and bring, either for the race or for just your travel toiletries for the hotel stay.
humangear travel containers Varies Clever travel kit containers. Useful for anything you need to decant and bring, either for the race or for just your travel toiletries for the hotel stay.
Hand Sanitiser Varies Managing hygiene is critical in multi-stage races. These hand sanitisers are high quality and will help you stay clean and healthy.
Tingerlaat Sunlimited Sun Cream SPF50 / SPF30 Varies One of the best sun creams on the market for extreme sports, carefully developed to be good to the skin whilst offering superior protection from the sun and the elements. Simply the best. Odour free and non-greasy it helps you feel fresh and sand won’t stick to the skin. The smaller tube has the same formula but an applicator that works well for lips and face.


Compulsory Equipment

We have gathered a selection of some the lightest items around to make it easy for you to get all your compulsory items in a bundle. If you prefer to get them separately we have that too! There are additional compulsory items you must have, found elsewhere in the kit list (for example backpack and sleeping bag) so please note that the products here do not represent the complete compulsory list. If you’re running the MdS, check the latest full compulsory kit list on the official race website and similarly for any other race as compulsory kit requirements vary by race.


Item Weight Comments
myRaceKit’s Desert Compulsory Kit 134g We have gathered the lightest compulsory items in durable sand proof LOKSAK bag. The easiest way to get what you need, in particular for MdS, this pack is extremely popular. If you find lighter items meeting the requirements let us know and we’ll look into sourcing them…
Emergency Foil Blanket 48g Very small and compact
BCB Signalling mirror 10g One of the smallest and lightest on the market. Some races have a minimum size requirement for the mirror, check the regulations of your race.
Silva Field Compass 28g You can save weight by separating the actual compass from the base plate…
Sawyer Venom Pump 28g In our experience, this is the best venom pump on the market and should you need to use it it works. Select one mouthpiece and disregard the accessories. (Weight is for pump + 1 mouthpiece)
Dermasafe Razor Knife 8g It doesn’t get much lighter than this. Very sharp.
Pack of 10 Safety Pins 4g For attachment of race numbers.
Victorinox Swiss Knives Various A small multitool can be handy if you would like any additional tools other than a knife to hand, such as tweezers, file, scissors etc.


Blister Prevention & Anti-Chafe

It is imperative to avoid skin damage where possible as this can lead to infections, not to mention it hurts! Prevention is better than cure so test various products in training to find one that works for you. We recommend buying a larger tube or tub of anti-chafing for training purposes as this is more economical in the long run and then the smaller single-use tubes or sachets for the actual race to save weight (note that all Anti-chafe products come in single sachets or small tubes except Body Glide). Marathon des Sables MDS at myRacekit

Preventative taping for known hotspots is also a good method. The tapes we use in our kits and the ones we recommend are tried and tested in multi-stage and single-stage long walks and ultra-marathons. You get great medical support in races like the MdS so you don’t need to be a walking pharmacy but ability to be self-sustained for an emergency is a good idea and for smaller races a must. Marathon des Sables MDS at myRacekit


Item Weight Comments
Anti-Chafing and Footcare Kit Deluxe 156g Useful if you want to be self-sufficient or for training events where medical support is limited and you need to be able to look after yourself with your own supplies.
Anti-Chafing and Footcare Kit Essential 39g Just the basics to be able to treat minor blisters or rubbing on the go.
Elastoplast Tape Varies Used by doc trotters this is a heavy duty multifunctional elastic bandage. No wonder it is compulsory equipment for UTMB! Excellent for shoulders, waist, heel, and ball of the foot and to strap joints too.
Hypafix Tape Varies Used by doc trotters this is a thin tape with paper backing, making it easy to cut to the desired length. This is fantastic for toe-taping. It offers very good adhesion and very little friction. Also used for fixing dressings.
Gurney Goo Antiseptic Silicone Cream Varies Developed by adventure racer Steve Gurney this unique product has the added benefit of being antiseptic. A firm favourite for MDS!
2Toms Blistershield Varies Friction reducing powder, perfect for blister prevention.
2Toms SportShield Varies Available in single-use wipes or as roll-on, this works well for the whole body to prevent rubbing.
BodyGlide 22g A classic anti-chafe stick.
NOK skin preparation cream A popular choice for preparing the feet prior to racing and also to use for anti-chafe in the race.


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