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How To Choose Shoes for Multi-Stage Desert Racing

Written by: Elisabet Barnes ( ** Join our myDesert Running Forum on Facebook to chat with new and experienced desert runners about kit, training and more ** Introduction Deciding on shoes for a multi-stage desert race such as the Marathon des Sables can be tricky and I get a lot of questions on this topic. Hopefully this guide will help you as you look for the perfect shoe for you. We are all different and many factors influence what shoe might be right for you. Not only the properties of the... Read More


Happy Feet Happy Running!

Mark Kleanthous has been running for more than 30 years. He ran in the first London marathon in 1981, has crossed the finish line in more than 1,050 races including 75 marathons, and has covered more than 52,500 miles. Not bad considering his first experience of competition was finishing last in a schoolboy cross country race! He has learnt the hard way and has written this information to help you look after your feet when preparing for races like the Marathon Des Sables. Your feet need to be in tip-top... Read More