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Understanding Sleeping Bags for Multi-Stage Racing and Trekking

Introduction Choosing a sleeping bag can be confusing and the prices vary greatly. How do you know what is right for you with so much to choose from? In this article we will try to help you iron out the creases and pick a bag that is right for you.  We will discuss the technical properties you should be aware of and what bags might be suitable if you are planning an upcoming multi-stage race or a trek in the mountains.  Down Fill Power Explained You may have heard of... Read More

saunas for heat training 23/09/2019

Heat Training Advice

My best advice for heat training and your rest day is spending time in the sauna! As a Scandinavian, I grew up visiting the sauna. Unlike in the UK, where many places restrict the age limit in saunas to +16 years old; Nordic children are from a young age are encouraged to pay a visit. My home country, Sweden, has a strong sauna tradition. Arguably Finland has the most deep-rooted sauna tradition, where sauna visits form part of the daily routine all-year-round and the standard one-bedroom flat comes with its... Read More


Choosing a Sleeping Bag for an Adventure

This article was originally published on, it is reposted here with permission. If you are going on an adventure, taking part in a multi-day race or basically going on a one night jolly in the wilds somewhere, a sleeping bag is going to be an essential item. Choosing a sleeping bag one would think is easy… Go to a shop, find one that fits into your budget, purchase and use. The reality is, the above is far from the truth.   ASK INITIAL QUESTIONS A good sleeping bag is not... Read More


How do you select a trail shoe?

Many runners start off as road runners, pounding on asphalt or running on smooth gravel surfaces. Then, they discover trails. The question arises; how do I select a good trail shoe?  There are many different types of trail shoes, ranging from hybrid shoes that can handle both road and trail, such as the HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR, to very aggressive mountain running shoes with deep lugs such as the HOKA ONE ONE EVO JAWS, which would also be suitable for cross country racing. In this article, we will take... Read More


We Now Stock Maurten Nutrition!

    Maurten can be described as a science-based and performance-driven sports nutrition company founded 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We use scientific methods in our product development to solve sports nutrition problems and improve sports nutrition products. The world´s most carbohydrate-concentrated sports drink was launched in 2017 after extremely successful trials which resulted in four straight big city marathon victories. In this product, we used an innovative hydrogel formula, which is a technology that seems to facilitate faster and smoother transport of carbohydrates into the intestine with less risk of... Read More


How To Pack Light For MDS

When you embark on a race like Marathon Des Sables, keeping your pack weight down and minimising unnecessary items is very important in order to have a good race experience. Here are Elisabet’s three “rules” for how to assess every item that goes into your pack in order to minimise waste. 1. CAN YOU EAT IT? Food is your fuel and what is going to get you around the race and keeping your spirit high. There is a minimum calorie requirement which may be sufficient for some people but not... Read More


How To Repack Your Food For MDS To Reduce Weight

Last week we spoke about how to fuel for a multi-stage race such as Marathon Des Sables, and with only 35 days until MDS we thought we would start share some top tips about how to reduce your pack weight starting with your food as repackaging your food can save you a lot of excess weight and volume. For instance; freeze dried meals are packed protectively but some brands have quite heavy pouches. Normally you would eat the meal directly from the pouch the food comes in. However, in MDS... Read More


How To Fuel For MDS 2019!

Disclaimer: Although between us we have completed many multi-stage races & consequently have a great interest in nutrition, we are not a qualified dieticians. This article is aimed at helping you understand how you can structure your food, give you ideas for what to take and what factors to consider. For more personalised suggestions Elisabet offers 1-1 consultations.  Among the many questions we get receive about MDS in store, we are frequently asked what should I eat for a self-sufficient multi-stage race such as the Marathon des Sables. The reality I that there... Read More


Get Your Shoes & Feet Ready For MDS 2019!

With only a few weeks to go to Marathon des Sables, it’s time to get your shoes and feet ready for the task ahead. The risk of blisters, infection and other complications are particularly higher than usual due to the extreme environment you’ll be running in. By now, hopefully you will have chosen your shoes. If you haven’t, then check out our previous blog post that offers some tips for shoe types, sizing, and fit. You can run in MDS in road or trail shoes, but there are a few considerations... Read More


How To Choose Desert Gaiters For A Successful Race

** Join our myDesert Running Forum on Facebook to chat with new and experienced desert runners about kit, training and more ** Every year there is a big debate about gaiters for the Marathon Des Sables (MDS) and other desert races. What are the options? Which gaiter is the best? How should it be fitted? This can make it quite confusing so we’ll cover these questions and help you choose the right gaiter for YOU.   Considerations when Choosing your Desert Gaiters: What is right for one person may not be... Read More