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OMM Core Hoodie Review

Ultralight Air-Permeable Primaloft Insulation Hoodie Having worn it plenty post-run and during a midnight run in early March, I was super impressed with how light-weight for such a warm jumper, but more so with how soft the fabric remains after a few washes and still feels like when first tried on. Having had a couple of longer runs where it was just too warm to get it out the bag, I had the chance to really test it during a three-day hike trip in the Lake District in late April,... Read More


OMM Ultrafire 5L Vest Review

The OMM Ultrafire vest is part of the new Fire Series running vests from OMM. It is a typical OMM product. Brightly coloured, hardwearing and built for purpose. This vest has plenty of storage and extra features that makes it very appealing.  Having a slight addiction to running vests, I have worn and tested quite a few. I was interested to see how this vest compared to my favourite Salomon Adv Skin 5. I took this vest out for a test run in the Peak District in the winter so... Read More


Running in the Heat – Thermoregulation, Heat Stress & Heat Acclimation

This blog has been published by 2 x Marathon des Sables (MDS) champion, Elisabet Barnes. She has first hand experience with running in hot conditions and used this experience to record the below. Challenges with running in the heat This blog has been published by 2 x Marathon des Sables (MDS) champion, Elisabet Barnes. She has first hand experience with running in hot conditions and used this experience to record the below. Running in extreme heat stress is challenging and places a large physiological and psychological strain on the individual.... Read More


Race Report: The quest to complete UTMB

The ultimate bucket list race for many trail runners is Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB). Officially 171km around the Mont Blanc peak covering France, Switzerland and Italy. You don’t just stumble on UTMB. Entering the race isn’t easy. I needed multiple ballot tries. You also have to make sure that you have the relevant ITRA points or Running Stones to qualify for ballot entry.  It was my first time in Chamonix during the UTMB week. Despite a smaller audience than usual, the atmosphere was electric. While carbo-loading in restaurants, you... Read More


Ameen completes his first Ultra: Ultra Mirage 50 km in the Sahara Desert, Tunisia

My recent run at the Ultra mirage Event on 2nd October 2021 was in Tunisia. I successfully completed the 50 km (52 km to be precise ) in the Sahara desert.  It was a big personal achievement that I thoroughly prepared for. I can now officially call myself an ultra runner. Being an ex-pat, I had trained for this in extreme summer conditions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from June till September. To prepare, I got up early in the morning by 3 am on weekends to practice my long runs... Read More


Ultra X 125 England Race Report

With excitement, I boarded on the train from London to Edale to take part in Ultra X 125 England. I adore ultraraces and being out in big sky landscapes. My last race was the Ecotrail Al Ula 84km race in Saudi Arabia on 8 February 2020. I was raving to go again! As government guidelines on races and social distancing rules kept changing, I was delighted that the race went ahead. Big kudos to Ultra X for pulling the race off. I can’t imagine the number of hurdles jumped by... Read More


Salomon – Advance Skin 12 Set Detailed Overview

We’re going to take a detailed look at the changes to the new (Spring 2019) Salomon Advance Skin 12 Set Race Vest. There are some elements to the vest which haven’t been altered hugely. The sizing of the pack is still in line with previous models. Alex (our model in the pictures) is ~6ft tall and is probably what you would call medium build – He’s wearing the large size in the images. Funnily, the Advance Skin 12 Set is still a 12-litre pack! However, the locations of some pockets/zips have... Read More

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 running shoe side view 14/09/2020

Hoka One One – Speedgoat 4 Review

I became interested in trying the Speedgoat 4 because I was looking for a well-cushioned shoe for ultra-marathons. I had the Spine Fusion race booked in until it was cancelled due to Covid-19. I was looking for plenty of cushioning (I am not the lightest runner in the world), a low drop to help the knee pain I get on occasion, and comfort on the heel to avoid flaring up my Haglund’s Deformity. The first thing you notice when unboxing the Speedgoat 4 is just how chunky they are, the... Read More


Interview with Ultra Runner: Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell, 25 years of age from Brisbane Australia. In 2020, Jacqui became the youngest person to run a multi-stage ultra on every continent in the world. Jacqui placed 1st in Iceland 250k, 2nd in the Grand Canyon 273k and 3rd in New Zealand 323km Alps 2 ocean event.  So we sat down for, a socially distanced, interview to find out more about Jacqui and how she started her running career. 1. How did you start with ultra-running? I ran my first 50k ultra at 20 as a personal challenge... Read More

Cappadocia race finish 31/10/2019

Cappadocia Ultra-Trail 2019 Review

When you expect little… you find magic The sole purpose I signed up to Cappadocia was the opportunity to bank 5 UTMB valuable points. (Yes, I’m one of those who has UTMB on my race bucket list.) What I discovered is that when you turn up to a race with no expectations, you can find something very special. Cappadocia is an Ultra-Trail World Tour® event, passing through high plateaus and valleys of Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a UNESCO world heritage site with natural wonders, unique rock formations and interesting historical heritage.... Read More